CNM 2017 Exhibitors

Sponsors of the coffe break

MSA System is a young, thriving company. We offer excellent solutions in nano-technology applications for physics and biomedical engineering. The domain of our company is modern analytical techniques dedicated to nanotechnology. We specialize in AFM and nanoIR combined techniques - infrared spectroscopy with nanometric resolution.

Optotom is a young company that specializes in sales and customer support for comparative research with metallography and metrology systems. We provide high quality after-sales services and support.


Advanced Graphene Products is a company founded in 2012. We are a producer and supplier of the highest quality large-area graphene, so called - High Strength Metallurgical Graphene

Irtech is operating on the Polish market since 2003. Our offer is focused on three main groups: Nanotechnology, Molecular Spectroscopy and Radiation.

Labnatek company is a provider of unique research and measurement solutions for nanotechnology, biotechnology and medicine.

Mad City Labs, Inc. is the leading nanopositioner manufacturer. We offer nanopositioners, piezo stages, and custom nanopositioning systems with sub-nanometer precision at an affordable price.

MeasLine dedicates its activity to designing and manufacturing the unique measurement systems according to the customer general concept. Additionally, MeasLine represents some well known international companies which deliver measuring instruments like: AFM/STM, vacuum deposition systems, optical metrology tools for characterization thin and thick films, optical systems for measuring physical parameters, vacuum components and chambers, plasma treatment devices and other scientific equipment.
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