Welcome to CNM 2017

Dear Colleague,

I am very pleased to welcome you to the 5th Conference on Nano- and Micromechanics (CNM) conference.

The CNM 2017 conference is an international meeting, devoted to micro and nanomechanics, which is held in Poland biennially in July. The conference brings together engineers and scientists from both academia and industry from across the world to discuss the recent progress and future developments in the nano- and micromechanics. Applications in electronics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, photonics environment and life sciences will also be discussed in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The conference has evolved from Krajowa Konferencja Nano- i Mikromechaniki (KKNM). The CNM 2017 will be the 5th in a series, which was started in Krasiczyn in 2008 and was held in Krasiczyn in 2010, in Warsaw in 2012 and in Wroclaw in 2014. In July 2017 CNM17 again will be taking place in Wrocław.

I would like to invite you to take part in our conference being fully convinced that your participation will make the program more attractive and the discussions more fruitful.

I am looking forward to seeing you in Wrocław.

With best regards
Teodor Gotszalk

Design: Mateusz Jasiński
Adaptation and administration: Krzysztof Gajewski